Ensuring Legal Compliance: Why Age Verification Matters

In compliance with the law established in 2015, selling vape products to individuals under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited. To uphold this regulation, we are committed to verifying the age of every customer, especially in the online realm where face-to-face verification is impossible.

How Digital Age Verification Works:

Upon placing your first order with MOUNTAIN SMOKES UK, we employ a digital age verification system through our trusted partner, Age Checker. This process cross-references your details, including name, date of birth, and billing address, against official records such as the electoral register and credit records to confirm your age.

Upon successful verification, your member account will be flagged as Age Verified, sparing you from repeated verifications. However, any changes to your personal details will prompt another verification to ensure the security of your account.

Around 85% of customers seamlessly undergo age verification in the background with no required input. Yet, there are instances where automatic verification is not feasible, even if you are over 18.

Challenges in Automatic Verification:

For instance, recent changes in your address or name may not be promptly reflected in official records. To address these situations, we offer a simple backup option—manual age verification.

If automatic verification fails, we’ll guide you through a quick process where you’ll be asked to provide a photo of your official ID and a selfie. This ensures a secure and accurate verification process, taking less than a minute.

Why Age Verification is Crucial:

Age verification is crucial to uphold the intended purpose of vaping—providing a safer alternative for adult smokers. We staunchly discourage non-smokers and children from engaging in vaping, as it is designed exclusively for adult smokers seeking a reduced-risk alternative, as endorsed by Public Health England.

We’ve witnessed the repercussions of marketing to minors in the USA, leading to widespread bans on flavors and online sales. We are determined to prevent such a scenario in the UK, safeguarding access to safer alternatives for adult smokers.

No Cost to You:

Age verification is a responsibility we bear as a retailer, and in the majority of cases, it incurs no cost to you. Most verifications occur seamlessly in the background, requiring no effort on your part.

At MOUNTAIN SMOKES UK, we are dedicated to promoting responsible vaping and ensuring that our products reach those for whom they are intended—adult smokers seeking a safer path away from combustible tobacco.